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Never before have storytellers of this calibre from the film and television industry been available to marketers to help build their brands through engaging content and quality production


“We create stories that people actively choose to interact with. Our branded tv series, web series, ads and internal business videos are designed to capture peoples attention and create a relationship between them and a brand, an idea or a movement.”


we tell stories

Consumers want stories. They don’t care who it comes from as long as it’s entertaining, informative and it makes them feel. That’s what a great story does isn’t it? It makes you feel. Those who engage consumers with story-driven creative and content will ultimately win the most valuable prize there is – brand loyalty.

Your content must elicit an emotional response. It must connect with consumers psychologically and make them feel something. They want you to educate them, intrigue them, help solve a problem, or simply make them laugh. If you can do that, consumers will respond to you, talk about you, like you, and come back for more.

Branded entertainment is really another form of service – It’s about serving a customer something valuable and ultimately creating a raving brand fan.

branded entertainment

The old advertising landscape is in a rapid state of change and a  new approach to  advertising has emerged.

Stop interrupting and start entertaining.

412 solves your business challenges by offering you a unique solution  to your  creative content and production needs big or small.

We ideate and produce short and long form digital video content  delivered across every relevant platform to meet all your needs. We create  compelling and engaging stories that cut through the traffic and position your brand as a leader in your industry.

1-3 is a given and 4 is our point of difference . We have extensive relationships and partnerships with global media partners, publishers, networks and distribution partners who are looking for serial content to publish on their platforms across TV, social and online. Contact us to find out how you can leverage these partnerships.

brands are the new storytellers

We’re all used to seeing brands sponsoring entertainment as a means to get their logo and messaging in front of consumer eyeballs, now brands are becoming destination sites and platforms for entertainment, in and of themselves.

branded entertainment delivers a more enriching experience that consumers want. It requires a commitment and intentionality from brands.



brand partnerships

brand partnerships

At 412, we partner with brands to craft ad campaigns and shows that resonate with your audience

audience first

audience first

We believe the best way to tell any story, including a story for your brand, is to put your audience first.

We create serial TVC’s, social videos ads, digital short form stories, TV shows and films to reach your audience.

quality partnerships

quality partnerships

We create integrated ad campaigns and story-rich shows, with an elite creative team of writers, marketers and film makers

tv series

changing faces – tv series (opener)

changing faces – promo trailer 

unveiled – tv series (opener)

unveiled – tv series (promo)

unveiled – tv series (full episode) 

precinct 13 (season 2) 

filthy gorgeous – tv teaser

digital stories

nespresso second life (b2c)

Special K Recipe Series

Special K Recipe Series (15 sec)

nespresso second life (b2b)

Special K Recipe Series

Special K Recipe Series (15 sec)

ferrero rocher christmas story

Special K Recipe Series

Special K Recipe Series (15 sec)


i remember the future – teaser 

precinct 13 (season 1) case study 

alma mater high – digital series 

precinct 13 (season 2) 

in development

undocumented – tv series 10 x 30′

412 entertainment

We are a Sydney based television, film and digital content production company.  Based in Surry Hills, we have teams all over the world  and work with local and global talent to create content for companies and networks – From New York to Europe and across Asia. We are a team of experienced award winning filmmakers, directors, producers, writers and marketers creating the intangibles; the connection to your brand, or expression of your purpose, through storytelling – the most effective means of communication. Good story is hard to come by and when it’s told well, it’s far more impactful than anything else.

meet the founder

Alex Alexander (yes that’s his real name )  is the CEO of 412 Entertainment. An innovator and thought leader in the realm of multiplatform production and branded entertainment across both drama and factual entertainment. Creator of the Movie Maker Project in 2007. In 2008, Alexander produced and directed the award winning feature film and multiplatform experience ‘Alma Mater High’. Alex produced and co-created NBCU’s multiplatform crime series Precinct 13 – Seasons 1 and 2 and produced and created TV series for NBCU’s E!, Style and 13th Street channels including: Changing Faces, Unveiled and Filthy Gorgeous all frictionless branded entertainment reality shows. In 2013 he was the winner of the MIPTV Content 360 award for his drama ‘Step 1’ – A real time multiplatform series created for Russia’s CTC and MTS.  Alexander works with blue chip brands, networks and media companies  around the world; consulting, creating and developing short and long form drama and reality content that engages audiences across all platforms.

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