Synopsis: Bonnie Clement, is a 33-year-old aspiringjournalist who moved to NYC on the cusp of 30 with a mission of reinvention and achieving her dreams in the city that never sleeps.
Since landing in the USA three years ago, she has nailed a perfect rent-controlled apartment in the Lower East Side with her American fiancé, has an internship at a publishing house and is fresh from a job interview that could lead to her dream gig at the NY Times.

But when Bonnie accidentally becomes one of the 10.5 million unauthorized immigrants in the US her tight little world is turned upside down. Her realm of NYC soon becomes her place of exile as she cannot leave due to her undocument-ed status. Reeling from the horror that her shoddy lawyer had given her false advice which allowed her to stay in the country when she should have left, Bonnie slowly absorbs her new status and the shades of issues that are presented when you are a very white illegal-alien and privilege that comes with.

A 412 Entertainment Production

Executive Producer: Alex Alexander

Written by: Laura E Bray

Distribution: Escapade Media